Experience in Corporate Sales, Sales Management and General Managers Positions

J Teague Enterprises, LLC is located in Harwich, Massachusetts. The founder of the agency has a BS in Management from Stonehill College and over 40 years experience in Corporate Sales and Sales Management and General Managers positions.

J Teague Enterprises, LLC has been assembled to draw upon the contacts and opportunities acquired over the many years and different product lines managed. Advanced composites, ceramics and encapsulating compounds have been the mainstay of the founder with multiple years of experience in each portion of the business.

40 Years Corporate Experience

  • Field Sales Engineer
  • Field Sales Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Vice President Sales & Marketing
  • General Manager
  • Independent

J Teague Enterprises, LLC has an agreement with the United States Navy, via a major sub-contractor, to supply guidance and consultation regarding improvement in margin and stability on deep ocean programs. The expertise provided assures the Navy they will receive the greatest return on their investment whether it be in the littoral or deep ocean environments. Because J Teague Enterprises, LLC is not restricted to working with a single syntactic foam manufacturer, there are no agreements with any one provider, the Navy, as well as others J Teague Enterprises, LLC work with are guaranteed open and fair assessment of the materials available and the capabilities of those offering to supply them.

J Teague Enterprises, LLC was tasked to come up with the preliminary draft for the new specification for the Alvin upgrade for the buoyancy materials. After the rough was completed we worked closely with Barry Walden, WHOI, as well as the entire Alvin team to finalize the spec. Upon completion, the spec was sent to all of the syntactic foam manufacturers that showed an interest for their comments. Only after all the inputs had been reviewed and incorporated was the official specification released to the community.