Markets Served

The following markets are the areas of which Jim Teague has been involved with for the past 40 years. Having been deeply immersed in these areas an extensive amount of information and contacts have been established which will prove vital in our quest to assist you in developing your strategies and solving current vital issues.

Specializing and serving the Military, Oceanographic, Advanced Composites fields


J Teague Enterprises, LLC represents Polymer Corporation, a provider of high-precision, specialty cast and CNC-machined urethane, epoxy and composite products to the deepwater community. Polymer's technical staff has been tackling difficult marine applications for over 30 years, using the latest technology to provide turnkey solutions.

Polymer Products
Polymer Corporation highly-engineered plastic and composite parts and assemblies.

Exploring, understanding and surviving in the deep ocean are not tasks to be taken lightly. A great deal of work and effort has been used to establish the criteria to compensate for the great ocean depths and related hydrostatic pressure. Another asset to J Teague Enterprises, LLC is the relationship with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Using various technologies JTE worked closely with WHOI on the new Nereus vehicle rated down to 11,000 meters. WHOI has explored the Titanic and is the vendor of choice for a new hybrid vehicle currently under production.

Nereus - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Subsea Salvage (SSS) is a team member of J Teague Enterprises, LLC and has recently forwarded integrated and become Global Dynamix, Inc. Global Dynamix is a leading entity in the pursuit of the deep ocean searching and salvage business as well as the electronics, aerospace and medical electronic industries. We are affiliated with some of the major ocean operating companies of our time but we, by agreement, will not divulge them by name. Suffice to say we are operating in the near deep, deep and very deep oceans of the world and have the capabilities to not only locate your item but to coordinate its retrieval. SSS also offers on site and in classroom training for our areas of operation. Whether you are building an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) or working on a special set of requirements our principals can and will meet the need. If Global Dynamix can't find it; you don't need it.

And Southwest Electronic Energy Group (SWE). Partnering with our customers is the core of the SWE business philosophy. This spirit of alliance drives everything we do. We believe today, as when we started, that good business is built on long-lasting relationships and the quality of our product. We view each new customer as an opportunity for an enduring alliance of mutual advantage. We partner with you to unleash your power to outdistance the competition. For over 40 years, we have built custom energy management sub-assemblies better, quicker and for less cost than our OEM customers can. This core competency continues to be our business philosophy. We support our customers with excellent products, fair prices and hassle-free service.

SWE SeaSafe
Southwest Electronic Energy Group - SeaSafe

ESS is a major player in the scientific, oceanographic and military communities. They specialize in state-of-the-art technology and have the engineering disciplines to work with the largest client or the smallest one time user. Their prime areas of concern are with the deep water community supporting Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, AUV, Remote Operated Vehicles, ROV, manned submersibles, submarine technology and basic research. ESS has the capabilities to “bring the shop to you.” They are capable of supplying buoyancy materials anywhere in the world and have the technology, equipment and personnel to provide the onsite injections or installations directly to your vehicle.

REMUS 6000
REMUS 6000 AUVs containing ESS AZ-34 syntactic successfully tested to 9,000psi.

Deep Springs Technology (DST) is the world leader in small hollow and solid shell manufacturing. DST produces high quality shells for industrial, commercial, and military applications. Shells can be fabricated from various materials such as metal, glass, or ceramics. Popular materials include alumina oxide, silicon carbide and boron carbide. Shells can be fabricated in custom shapes, including spherical, right cylindrical, flat oval, or hexagonal. Hollow shells can hermetically encapsulate virtually any gas or gas mixture. Size of shells can range from 0.5mm to 10 mm diameter (larger or smaller are possible). DST shells are currently being used in composites for armor, buoyancy, thermal, and other applications. Hollow shells possess many superb characteristics such as high energy absorption, vibration and, acoustic dampening. DST shells exhibit a very high specific strength making them ideal for applications where weight reduction is critical . These attributes are what make DST hollow shells perfect for multifunctional composites.

Advanced Composites

When you bring together the principals of J Teague Enterprises, LLC you have a consortium of companies that can and will supply whatever component, part or testing procedure needed. From our fabrication techniques to our machined parts to our custom encapsulation we are a full service turnkey agency that will work with your design engineers. With over 40 years in the field there is a wealth of information, from within our team, available to our clients.